Cymbeline – at the RST

Theatre Breaks to see Cymbeline in Stratford-upon-Avon

A chance to see the rarely performed Shakespeare romance* Cymbeline which performed at the Royal Shakespeare Theatre until December 2016.

cymberline theatre breaksWith the backdrop of the royal court, secret marriages, banishments and murder plots are all played out in one of Shakespeare’s most powerful romances where all seems lost for young lovers Innogen, Cymbeline’s daughter, and Posthumus her childhood sweetheart.

In this production the role of Cymbeline, ruler of a divided Britain, is taken on by actress Gillain Bevan – the first woman to play this role for the RSC. She is probably best known for her role in Gina Hope in the BBC drama Holby City.

She is also not the only actress to take on a traditionally male role in the production: Doreene Blackstock will play Cornelius, Natalie Simpson will play Guiderius and Kelly Williams will play Pisanio.

Melly Still, designer of the RSC’s brilliant Midnight’s Children, directs

*romance/tragedy/comedy (you can play it anyway really – I wonder how the RSC will play it?… apart from “brilliantly” of course!)

Cymbeline Show Info 

Where is it?
It is now closed

Nationa-rail 50x50How do I get there?
The nearest train station to The Royal Shakespeare Theatre is Stratford-upon-Avon mainline. Optional discounted rail travel can be included in your Cymbeline short break.

When can I see it?
Playing in rep from 29th April to 17th December 2016

Theatre Facilities

Theatre has facilities for the hard of hearing Theatre has facilities for those in need of help with access restaurant-icon