Edinburgh Festivals? There are more than you think!

Following my “twixmas” break in Edinburgh I was talking to a new acquaintance about the festivals in Edinburgh. Of course we all know about the world famous Fringe Festival and the Edinburgh International Festival and we were both waxing lyrical about how lively Edinburgh is throughout the year.

Wanting to seem knowledgeable I started to talk about some of the other festivals in Edinburgh: The Magic Festival the Book Festival the Film festival etc. and discussing their merits. After we had talked about a dozen different festivals I was starting to struggle, but my new friend was only just warming up!

“Did you know there are over 50 festivals in Edinburgh?”

Well no I didn’t!

Edinburgh Festivals
Everyone knows of the world-famous Edinburgh Fringe, but there are 55 festivals in Edinburgh

It turns out that my new chum is part of the Beltane Network, a group that works with universities to create a university culture and support public engagement and is well versed in the events that surround this fabulous city!

So when I got home I checked out  beltanenetwork.org to find the following list! I think that you will agree that it is impressive and, if you really need more of a reason to visit Edinburgh, I think you have all you need, in glorious alphabetical order, here!

Biddy’s Fiddle Festival, https://www.list.co.uk/event/671786-biddys-fiddle-festival/
Edinburgh Art Festival, http://edinburghartfestival.com/
Edinburgh Beltane Fire Festival, https://beltane.org/
Edinburgh Blues’N’Rock Festival, https://ebrf.co.uk/
Edinburgh Comic Art Festival, http://www.comicartfestival.co.uk/
Edinburgh Craft Beer Revolution Festival, http://www.revolutioncraftbeer.com/
Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival, https://www.edef.co.uk/
Edinburgh Mela, http://www.edinburgh-mela.co.uk/
Edinburgh Festival Fringe, https://www.edfringe.com/
Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, https://edfoc.org.uk/
Edinburgh’s Festival of Ireland, http://www.emff.co.uk/
Edinburgh Food Festival, http://www.edfoodfest.com/
Edinburgh Hispanic Festival, http://www.hispanicfestival.co.uk/
Edinburgh’s Hogmanay, http://www.edinburghfestivalcity.com/festivals/edinburghs-hogmanay
Edinburgh International Book Festival, https://www.edbookfest.co.uk/
Edinburgh International Festival, http://www.eif.co.uk/
Edinburgh International Fashion Festival, http://www.edinburghinternationalfashionfestival.com/
Edinburgh International Film Festival, http://www.edfilmfest.org.uk/
Edinburgh International Harp Festival, http://harpfestival.co.uk/
Edinburgh International Magic Festival, http://www.magicfest.co.uk/
Edinburgh International Science Festival, http://www.sciencefestival.co.uk/
Edinburgh Iranian Festival, http://www.ediranfest.co.uk/
Edinburgh Jazz and Blues Festival, http://www.edinburghjazzfestival.com/
Edinburgh Marathon Festival, https://www.edinburghmarathon.com/
Edinburgh Military Tattoo, http://www.edintattoo.co.uk/
Edinburgh Mountain Film Festival, http://www.emff.co.uk/
Edinburgh Restaurant Festival, http://www.edinevents.com/edinburgh-restaurant-festival/
Edinburgh Students Art Festival, http://www.edinburghstudentartsfestival.com/
Edinburgh Yarn Festival, http://www.edinyarnfest.com/
Festival of Ian Smith: A Festival of Death, http://www.summerhall.co.uk/2016/festival-of-ian-smith-a-celebration-of-death/
Festival of Politics, http://festivalofpolitics.scot/
Foodies Festival, http://foodiesfestival.com/
Forest Fringe, http://forestfringe.co.uk/
Free Festival, http://www.freefestival.co.uk/
Freestival, http://www.freestival.co.uk/
Gather Festival, https://gatheruoe.wordpress.com/
Greek Film Festival, http://www.edinburghgreekfestival.com/
Hidden Door Festival, http://hiddendoorblog.org/
Imaginate Festival, http://www.imaginate.org.uk/festival/
Just Festival, http://just-festival.org/
Leith Festival, http://www.leithfestival.com/
Linky Lea Festival, http://linkyleafestival.org.uk/
Meadows Festival, http://www.meadowsfestival.org/
Old Town Street Food Festival, http://www.oldtownstreetfoodfestival.co.uk/
PBH Free Fringe, http://freefringe.org.uk/
The Power of Food Festival, https://poweroffoodfestival.wordpress.com/
Previously…Scotland’s History Festival, http://www.historyfest.co.uk/
Retina Photography Festival, http://www.retinafestival.com/
Scots Fiddle Festival, http://www.scotsfiddlefestival.com/
Scottish Chocolate Festival, http://scottishchocolatefestival.co.uk/
Scottish International Storytelling Festival, http://www.tracscotland.org/scottish-storytelling-centre
Scottish Real Ale Festival, http://www.sraf.camra.org.uk/
Tradfest, http://www.tracscotland.org/festivals/tradfest
Undependence Film Festival, http://undependence.co.uk/
Wee Dub Festival, http://www.weedubfestival.co.uk/

The only thing I am surprised about is that there is not a festival of steps! Ever since I was introduced to Edinburgh 30 or so years ago I think Edinburgh and I think steps – its littered with them! Actually I normally think steps up to the Oblomov (now called the The Wash Bar), where I had my first ever drink in Edinburgh, but that is by the by.

As an aside, whilst I am talking drinks, although the city has its Real Ale Festival and the Craft Beer Festival, the McEwans brewery has now mostly moved out of town. Unimportant you mioght think. Well maybe, but if you have ever visited Edinburgh before you’ll have noticed one thing on arriving – the distinctive smell of brewing. Yes – Edinburgh may now have 55 festivals but it has lost its smell.

I say, I say, I say, my favourite city has no brewery!

How does it smell?


We don’t sell packages to the Edinburgh festivals (apart from the Royal Military Tattoo, so if you need, hotel accommodation you can get it here.

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