Where to Propose in Paris

Romantic Places for a Proposal in Paris

With the introduction of our Eurostar inclusive breaks to Paris it has now become easier and more affordable to get to the City of Love.

In addition to the usual attractions and romantic destinations there is now over 30 very special ways to say “I Love You” in Paris, courtesy of Apoteo Surprise Paris from a thousand candles to a single dove, from and operatic tenor to a hot air balloon.

Romantic Places for a Proposal in Paris

Of course you may just want  a place to do it so here are a few places to propose in Paris.

Anywhere you have the Notre Dame Cathedral lit up as a back drop: maybe the Pont des Arts –  this romantic pedestrian bridge with the Seine flowing beneath the perfect night-time spot to get down on one knee.

On top of the Arc de Triomphe – with spectacular views of Paris make sure you ask on top rather underneath – your request could be drowned out by the noise of the traffic!

The Luxembourg Gardens – Paris in spring time, a rug and a glass of champagne amongst the flowers, statues and fountains.

On the steps of Sacre-Coeur at sunrise with views all over Paris

Find a romantic restaurant – Trip Advisor suggests the Le Coupe-Chou: quiet and intimate, it is one of the most romantic restaurants in Paris. “the perfect cozy environment for a marriage proposal.”

A the top of the Eiffel Tower – Need I say any more!

Of course if you are of a nervous disposition, have all of these planned for just one day and somewhere a long the line you will pick up the courage to ask! Even if it is on the Eurostar on the way back home!

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