Top 5 Plays in London for 2013

There are SO many amazing top British actors and actresses lined up to appear in plays during 2013 I don’t know quite where to start! However, I have whittled it down to what I think are going to be the top five plays to watch in the New Year…

Good Reasons to Book a London Theatre Break

Theatre Breaks News: Good Reasons to Book a London Theatre Break Good Reasons to Book a London Theatre Break London Theatre Breaks Occassions There are four main reasons we find our visitors want to go on a theatre break to London. For a bit of romance, to treat the family, for a fun party night out or to celebrate a special occassion. There are lots of other reasons of course,

Summer Family Breaks

Like it or not, the family is going to need to be entertained this summer… they may sit and watch the Olympics for a few nights but then they are going to want a bit more than 6 weeks of TV!
So what to do? Where to go?
Answer: A Summer Family Break!

Theatre Break News : Beatle Mania is Back!

Let’s face it GREAT music never dies. And none more so than The Beatles amazing catalogue of musical genius.

Celebrate 50 years of the world’s most succesful band, with a stunniing Let It Be Theatre Break  which opens at the Prince of Wales Theatre, London this September.