Eating in Edinburgh

One of the best things about taking a break or holidaying in Edinburgh has to be the food. The multi-cultural nature of the city has produced a mouth-watering array of diverse restaurants serving food and cuisine types from all around the globe.

Whether you are vacationing with friends, family or your other half there is something for everyone. Street food markets, incredible fish and chips, Angus steakhouses, and restaurants with world wide reputations. If you enjoy your privacy when it comes to dinner, there are several Edinburgh Restaurants offering private dining rooms which can make a fantastic way to mark a special trip, or any other celebration with friends whilst visiting Edinburgh. If you are on a romantic break with your other half, there are a number of romantic restaurants that have specially designated areas for couples, providing an intimate way to enjoy each other’s company, possibly even pop the question!

Outside of the restaurants and sit down meals, there are some superb food markets. Juniper Green Farmers Market is one of the best, taking place on the fourth Saturday of every month at Juniper Green Village Hall, EH14 5DX. The market brings together fresh meat, eggs, bakery foods, cooking sauces, chocolates along with non-food products.

Platform 2 market opened up in June 2014 and is one of Edinburgh’s newest markets. It can be found in Waverley station next to platform 2. It’s a great place to try some fresh street food, pick up your fruit, veg and deli goods, and souvenirs for your trip.

There a number of classic Scottish foods, regularly available at the above markets and throughout Edinburgh restaurants, that you can’t leave the city without trying. Haggis is one food Scotland is famous for! Usually composed of sheep heart, liver and lungs, along with various herbs and spices, the dish goes back several centuries and can be enjoyed at any time of the day if you have the stomach for it!

If you’re not sure boiled sheep organs are for you, there aren’t many people who turn down the famous Scottish shortbread. Incredibly addictive, incredibly unhealthy, incredibly good! Scottish Porridge has similarly gained a worldwide reputation providing a energy fueled start to the day. The Scottish way of eating it involves a pinch of salt, and often, a few splashes of whisky allowing you to sample one of the nation’s famous drinks at the same time!

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