Hotels in Edinburgh

Just like any capital city there is plenty of choice when it comes to hotels in Edinburgh. In total we have 86 hotels in and around Scotland’s capital ranging from 2 star bargains, including the local Travelodges and Premiere Inns, to luxurious 5 star hotels including the Caledonian, the Balmoral and the Sheraton Grand. In between, Edinburgh boasts an array of fine hotels: from cosy townhouses to 4 star city centre hotels offering every amenity.

Below are a few examples but you will come across the rest as you design your Edinburgh break.

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Edinburgh Hotels

Apex City Hotel
thmain_633704863867465000_ApexEuro.jpgApex Haymarket Hotel thmain_633704848505902500_ApexEdInt.jpg
Apex International Hotel
Apex Waterloo Place
George Hotel
The King James