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We all have our own pre-concieved ideas about Paris: its sights, its smells, its sounds. So whether we are right or wrong, we all know what we want from Paris when we turn up off of the plane or train… or even car if you are brave enough to drive!

Hotel Iliad Paris France

So what do we want from the hotel in Paris when we book?

Well what we don’t want are nasty surprises! We want the safety and the predictability that an hotel from an international chain might offer, but the romance of a modestly priced little auberge just round the corner from l’Opera, or le Marais, that only you and your loved one knows! Well unfortunately you can’t really have both!

That is not to say that both are not available in Paris. No, Paris is well endowed with a huge range of decent hotels: compared to many other European cities, hotels in Paris can be real value for money: but for that “deal” you will need to step away from the Hiltons and Sofitels of the world and consider the majority, which have no more than 60 rooms, do not have a lift to every (or indeed, any) floor and can only provide ice on a Friday nights!

Well the first thing to know is that unlike in Britain, France seems to use the complete range of the five star rating system. This means there are less 5 stars and more one and two stars, and because not every hotel is crammed into the three and four star categories the awards are a little more meaningful and the criteria, if anything, a little more rigid. I really wouldn’t consider anything below a three star hotel in London but I am quite happy to consider one or two star hotels in Paris.

So we all know what we can expect from 4 or 5 star hotels. If you don’t want to risk it, then go for one of these. You may not have so  much fun but at least you will have air-conditioning!

Make it central, although you don’t have to be really central: like London the underground network (or “metro”) makes getting around really easy! But what about these smaller hotels with less stars hanging above their door.

Even some hotel without any stars are perfectly acceptable for the bargain hunter. Personally I am not in my hotel for long enough and if I can’t sleep, as I often can’t at home, I ‘ll just catch up on the journey home, or the next day at work – but don’t tell my boss!

So if you don’t really need to swing a cat, you don’t really need to have a bath AND a shower and you don’t all have to fit in the lift at the same time – lifts in Paris hotel can be tiny – then you will be happy to know that the essentials will be present in any one or two star hotel, right down to the bidet  – well “essential” according to the French! And I guess that is what I mean. If you are happy to go along with someone elses idea of what is essential then go ahead, enjoy yourself. Have a search round  our list of hotels. There are over 60 in total within a couple of miles of the city centre and most are two and three star hotels with prices starting at just over £30 per person per night.

Some Hotels in Paris

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